Mobile App for JavaOne

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The JavaOne Mobile App is now available! Keep connected on your BlackBerry, Droid, or iPhone while at JavaOne. You now have a flexible and convenient way to manage and organize your JavaOne experience. You can access Schedule Builder, exhibitor listings, daily updates, and more. Find out what’s happening and where at JavaOne: all of the activities you need to attend, all of the people you want to meet—all on your mobile device.

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JavaOne 2011 Schedule Builder is LIVE!

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JavaOne Schedule Builder is live at last! Don’t get shut out – go to Schedule Builder NOW to reserve your space in the must-attend sessions on your list.

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JavaOne 2011 Content Catalog Now Availble

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I Will Be Presenting At JavaOne 2011

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After successfully presenting at JavaOne back in 2006, for some reason I have not been able to get another presentation accepted since. I chalked it up to a high level of competition. But if that is true, then the email I received yesterday raises a few questions.
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Online Java Web Services Training Class

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I will be teaching my Java Web Services class starting the week of July 4th, this time around through the University of California Irvine Extension program.

Topics covered include:

  • Java API for XML Processing (JAXP) – SAX, StAX, DOM, XSLT
  • Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)
  • Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS)
  • SOAP
  • Web Services Description Language (WSDL)
  • RESTful Architectures
  • Java API for RESTful Services (JAX-RS)
  • Web Service Standards (WS-*)
  • JSON Web Services
  • Developing AJAX/JavaScript web service clients
  • Web Service Design Patterns
  • Web Service Best Practices

This class is 100% online based, with pre-recorded lecture materials available each week. In addition to lecture materials there will be weekly activities varying between forum discussions, quizzes, background reading, and of course coding.

Enrollment is open to everyone and is available right now.

The University of California Irvine Extension program provides an Orientation Week before each class to allow students to become familiar with the virtual classroom environment before formal instruction begins. For this class, the Orientation Week starts on June 27th (i.e. this coming Monday), however you are able to enroll up until the beginning of the formal instruction in the week of July 4th.

If you are interested but have questions about the course content, please comment below and I will answer as quickly as I can. For any questions about the University of California Irvine Extension program, please call Student Services on +1 949 824-5414.

JavaOne 2011 Call For Papers Announced

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Oracle has announced that the submission period for sessions for JavaOne 2011 has begun and will run through May 23rd.

JavaOne 2010 – Photos

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JavaOne 2010 – Thursday Keynote

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Ah, Friday morning, the last day of JavaOne. With the customer appreciation party over and done with last night, we now get to meander through Gosling’s Toy Show, maybe some McNealy banter, hit a couple of last minute sessions and then jump on the plane home. Well, all that would be true if it wasn’t 2010 and JavaOne hadn’t become the output of the big red machine known as Oracle. So today IS the last day of JavaOne, but it is a Thursday, not a Friday and the party last night, well, I will happily be the first to admit it, was on a whole other level from anything Sun had come close to conjuring up in previous years.
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JavaOne 2010 – Technical General Session

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The Technical General Session on Tuesday was held at the Hilton and not at the Moscone Convention Center. After traversing the awkward combination of stairs and escalators to get to the Ballroom in the Hilton I was pleased to see the hotel staff had reconfigured the room since the lunch hour from round tables to the standard endless rows of neatly lined up chairs. The session was true to Java’s heritage and once again told as a story in 3 parts – JavaSE, JavaEE and JavaME. However, far and away the most interesting information came from the JavaSE portion of the presentation.
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JavaOne 2010 – Monday Keynote

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After the debacle on Sunday afternoon where all of the JavaOne conference attendees were turned back by the conference thugs at the doors to the Oracle Welcome Keynote, my expectations for Monday’s opening JavaOne Keynote were not high. The magnitude of the irony of calling the Sunday event the “Welcome” Keynote, but not allowing JavaOne attendees to watch it live makes my head spin. I have it on good authority though (I was actually allowed in because of my Press credentials), that once the JavaOne attendees had trudged back up the hill to the Hilton to “enjoy” the video feed, alcohol was found to be available and so it turned out to be one of the better Keynotes in spite of Oracle’s lack of hospitality.
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