Why Marketing Is Too Important To Be Left To The Marketing Department

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I just finished watching this exceptional presentation by Seth Godin (http://sethgodin.typepad.com/).

If you are a software developer, software entrepreneur or even a marketing person that works with a software team, I am confident you will get something out of this.

The presentation is from the Business of Software conference (http://blog.businessofsoftware.org/) in 2008.

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Facebook To Offer Vanity URLs

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Your profile/page on a social network is key piece of your online presence. So the URL to that little piece of you becomes very important, particularly in terms of branding and SEO.

Most of the social networks provide you with some kind of easy to remember public URL for your profile that usually contains of your username. All except Facebook, where you are subjected to a horrible unfriendly numeric user id as your URL. Which has many downsides, not the least of which it is hard to remember and communicate and the URL of site actually has a big impact on SEO issues and so missing out on having your name in the URL can hurt your search ranking success (this is particularly important if you use a consistent identity across all of your social networks).

However, in a blog post, Facebook has announced that it will support vanity URLs for individual and fan pages starting this weekend (specifically 12:01am EDT Saturday morning).

No doubt there will be a huge land grab when they open this up, so don’t delay!

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