Amazon Threatens and Then Does Terminate Associates Program In California

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I received a not unexpected email from Amazon today informing me that they intend to shut down all Amazon Associates who reside in the state of California, if a new law forcing online retailers who have a presence in California to begin collecting sales tax was passed. Amazon (and others) hope to dodge the sales tax issue by cutting all ties to California, including their online affiliate programs.
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Just When I Thought AT&T Couldn’t Anger Me Any Further …

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Wow, and I thought I couldn’t hate AT&T any more. Just got charged $3.49 a minute to call Australia – so the 11 minute call to my Mum to tell her she had a new grandson cost nearly $40.

It really is outrageous and unjustifiable when you think services like Skype and Google Voice only charge me $0.02 a minute to Australia. There is just no possible way that it costs AT&T 175 times as much to provide international calling as it does those other services, even with their lower overhead etc etc.

Add that to the insult that I get either no coverage or fluctuating coverage at my own home. Forget you AT&T, this is one customer you can kiss goodbye as soon as my contract is up.

Good TV, Terrible Customer Service from Sony

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Just posted a review over at detailing my dealings with Sony this morning.