Amazon Announces First Data Center in Australia

Posted in: Cloud Computing

The speed of the backbone between Australia and the US can sometimes make you wonder if there are not just two guys on either end of a tin can phone screaming one one zero one zero endlessly to each other back and forth. So the news from Amazon today is a welcome upgrade to the global AWS infrastructure.

In a short blog post on the Amazon Web Services Blog today, Jeff Barr announced that Amazon is adding an edge location in Sydney, Australia. The location will initially only host CloudFront (CDN) and Route 53 (DNS) resources. However, those two services alone will help AWS customers based in Australia and serving content to their own Australian customers to improve their response times greatly.

Prior to this announcement, AWS customers who wanted to deliver content to Australian based customers were delivering it from offshore locations like the US and Singapore. Having CloudFront resources hosted “locally” in Sydney delivering all that static content (including streaming media) to Australian based consumers will result in a much more pleasurable end-user experience.

The Route 53 addition also means that those AWS customers who host their DNS data with AWS will now also experience quicker DNS response times which will also improve the end-user experience by lowering overall in-browser response times.

With the appointment of Joe Ziegler as the AWS Evangelist for Australia and New Zealand recently, and now this new edge location announcement, Australian based AWS customers should be feeling reassured in their AWS investments.

Just When I Thought AT&T Couldn’t Anger Me Any Further …

Posted in: Customer Service

Wow, and I thought I couldn’t hate AT&T any more. Just got charged $3.49 a minute to call Australia – so the 11 minute call to my Mum to tell her she had a new grandson cost nearly $40.

It really is outrageous and unjustifiable when you think services like Skype and Google Voice only charge me $0.02 a minute to Australia. There is just no possible way that it costs AT&T 175 times as much to provide international calling as it does those other services, even with their lower overhead etc etc.

Add that to the insult that I get either no coverage or fluctuating coverage at my own home. Forget you AT&T, this is one customer you can kiss goodbye as soon as my contract is up.