This is the first of a planned series of posts capturing the information needed to interact with a repository as a client. These posts are based on my experience working currently with a large team moving from a CVS repository over to and all of the lessons learned during that process.

I intend to capture the details related to one Subversion concept or command in each post. At the end I will detail my recommended overall development process using Subversion that will leverage each of the concepts and/or commands I cover.

Currently, it is not my intention to cover the details of administrating a Subversion server as part of this series of .

For the examples I will be using version 1.5.5 of the command line client, running on a Mac OSX 10.5.6 machine. The server is a 5.2 machine, running 1.5.6 of the Subversion server. The client will access the server over https using WebDAV. There is a repository set up on the server, called test and it is accessible via the following URL –