Came across this great post by Scott Berkun on his The Berkun Blog:

I had a couple to add:

SCDD – Seagull Consultant Driven Development
This is where a company that already has a development team but believes they are not working to their fullest potential, decide to bring in a consultant to set things straight. The consultant, whose compensation package is not tied to the delivery of the project, comes in, waves his hands a few times, draws a set of cascading boxes on a white board, drops a few key acronyms around, hands out some boiler plate process documents and then leaves. The original development team is then left to sort out the mess created and deliver a whole bunch of design documentation that the consultant told upper management would reduce risk and guarantee delivery on time. The consultant has effectively behaved like a seagull – he flew in briefly, crapped all over everything and left just as quickly.

ADD – Analysis Driven Development or HGDD – Holy Grail Driven Development
This is where a project that is deemed “high priority” by a customer is never really defined and scoped out. The development team is brought in (way to early) to attempt in some magical fashion to divine what it is the customer needs and provide effort estimates. However, since the customer has no bounds set, they want to explore every possible variation of feature set and also want to see every possible alternative development plan. The development team gets mired in Project files and gantt charts and never writes a single line of . The customer continues to search for the development plan that gets them every conceivable feature, but can be delivered on time, for almost no money and has no risk whatsoever associated with it. In the end the customer has spent so much money figuring out what they want, and how optimally to get it, they have to settle for a scaled back version to squeeze out a release before a deadline.