The likelihood that we will be blessed with a in 2010 just got a whole lot better.

The whole / deal put a big cloud over last year’s JavaOne and has lead to lots of speculation as to the future of JavaOne in the months since. Then on the 27th of January, held a press event (not coincidentally at the same time as the iPad press event) and began to reveal their plans for Sun’s cavalcade of technologies. During that event it was revealed that intended to have a JavaOne conference in 2010, at the same time as OracleWorld, but sounding a lot smaller than in previous years.

Now a call for papers has gone out. This makes the JavaOne 2010 dream much more of a reality.

The content streams are divided as such:

  • Core Java Platform
  • Java SE and Desktop Java
  • Java EE and Java for Enterprise Applications
  • and Rich User Experience
  • Java ME and Mobile
  • Java for Devices, Card, and TV
  • The Java Frontier

As promised at the press event, the content is focused tightly on traditional Java technologies as well as few of the newer Java ventures, with a little less of the peripheral communities slipping in (hey, who is going to miss Solaris anyway?).

Interestingly there is no place to register as an attendee for the conference yet. I am wondering if Oracle is testing the response to the call for papers to see what the temperature of the Java is before they start charging credit cards.

Are you going to JavaOne 2010? If you have been before, are you now more or less likely to go this year?