The and OpenWorld festivities begin in earnest today and with that in mind, I thought I would cover one of the more important topics for attendees. Where can I get a decent in San Francisco? Fear not mavens of malt and hops! San Francisco is well known as a friendly town and here are my suggestions so you can avoid finding yourself stuck in a bar unnecessarily drinking yellow fizzy stuff.


Thirsty Bear Brewing Company

661 Howard Street, 415-974-0905

  • Certified organic beers brewed onsite
  • Barely a block from Moscone Convention Center
  • Excellent spanish cuisine
  • Great Flamenco music and dancing performances on Sunday night
  • Site of many of the vendor parties

21st Amendment Brewery Cafe

563 Second Street, 415-369-0900

  • 2nd closest beer bar to Moscone
  • Genuinely decent beer list and reasonable food
  • The Giants are playing out of town this week, so should not be crowded

Beach Chalet

1000 Great Highway, 415-386-8439

  • Excellent beers, upscale food
  • Furthest from the , located at the far end of Golden Gate Park, right on the Pacific Ocean
  • Get there for sunset

Magnolia Pub and Brewery

1398 Haight Street, 415-864-PINT

  • Located in the famous Haight-Ashbury area
  • Excellent food, intimate but loud atmosphere
  • Hand pumped beers
  • Can be very crowded, so come early and be prepared to wait (at the bar of course)

Gordon Biersch

2 Harrison Street, 415-243-8246

  • If you’ve been to one of these franchises then you have been to them all
  • OK food
  • Beer is reasonable and definitely better than your average mass consumption fizzy yellow stuff

Beer Bars

OpenWorld Tap & Brew

Moscone South Booth 2631, Moscone West Booth 3635

  • From the conference guide – “You don’t have to leave the OpenWorld Exhibition Halls for your morning cappuccino or afternoon beer. Visit the OpenWorld Tap & Brew, from Monday through Wednesday during Exhibition Hall hours.”
  • Will reserve judgment on this one for now

Rogue Ales Public House

673 Union Street, 415-362-7880

  • Easily the best beer bar in San Francisco
  • Located at the far end of Little Italy in Washington Square
  • Save for the odd guest beer, all of the beers on tap are from Rogue Ales brewery from Oregon
  • Food is above average for bar food

Jack’s Cannery Bar

2801 Leavenworth Street, 415-931-6400

  • Great beer selection
  • As far as food goes, you are much better off walking down the street to one of the seafood vendors
  • Located in the old Cannery building and it is the best beer you will find anywhere near the Pier 39 and Ghiradelli Square tourist areas

La Trappe Cafe

800 Greenwich Street, 415-440-8727

  • Not surprisingly by the name, this is a Belgian beer fan’s best bet in town
  • About 15 taps of Belgians plus an extensive bottle list
  • Excellent food


547 Haight Street, 415-863-2276

  • Approximately 50 beers on tap plus a good bottle list
  • Neighborhood feel, can get crowded

Unfortunately there are no genuinely great beer bars right near either conference, but if you are desperate (or lazy) you can try 4th Street Bar (55 Fourth Street), Johnny Foley’s Irish Pub (243 OFarrell Street), Murphy’s Pub (217 Kearny Street) and The Irish Bank (10 Mark Lane).


Anchor Brewing Company

1705 Mariposa Street, 415-863-8350

  • Probably the most famous brewery in the San Francisco area
  • Home of the famous Anchor Steam beer, which you will find on tap in countless bars in the SF area and is well worth drinking
  • They used to do a great tour but I cannot see any mention of it on their website today. They were recently bought out by The Griffin Group, so perhaps that has affected the availability of the tours

Speakeasy Ales and Lagers

1195 Evans Avenue, 415-64-BEER-1

  • Great beers, which can be found at bars around SF
  • As far as I know though, these guys are only open to the public on Friday afternoon from 4pm to 9pm

Let me know if there are any other places you would recommend in the comments.