My new course at the University of California, Irvine () begins in late July and there is an informational Webinar tomorrow (June 7th) for those that are interested in finding out more. Details of the webinar and the class can be found here:

But now to the point of this post. I was just notified that the in Education team has stepped up to the plate in a big way and has provided an “AWS in Education grant award” to help the students in the class cover some (possibly all) of the costs of using the AWS services while they are taking the class and carrying out the various assignments and completing the class project. This is a huge deal to the students who will already be paying for the class itself, now they will not need to worry about the costs of using ’s services and can concentrate on learning instead.

Thank you to everyone in the AWS in Education team!

You can find out more about the AWS in Education team here:

Remember, the UCI course is 100% online and open to anyone, anywhere on the planet!